And in no case is consuming said to be the seat of the problem.

What is acceptable in your space is what is acceptable in your body.

If you curse a lot, that’s a part of the atmosphere of your body. That’s the level of your atmosphere. Expect that level of wellness.

Self-consciousness, consumerism, spectatorship are all maladies and opposed to “self-care.” Self-care is what gives you the ability to create the future.

Mental illness isn’t necessarily something dramatic and outwardly destructive to others. Mental illness is whatever leads to self-fatality. It isn’t what the culture says it is. Excess is an illness. Spiritual emptiness is an illness. Capitalism is the epicenter of illness because you can never have enough and you have to make more and it needs more of you.

Consuming X is normal, but eating Y bad. Both are X Y Z. The lie is the world telling you one option is better than the other. And in no case is consuming said to be the seat of the problem.

Creativity comes alive in environments.

Take care of other people.

Tell yourself no.

Don’t prioritize your body over your spirit.

When you take care of your body you’re setting the standard for your mental life and other areas that access imagination. Creativity thrives in a thriving environment.

Health is what you create.