Come Out, Come Forth

It is time to be quiet.

It is time to speak.

Life is about timing. It takes a kind of faith to accept that even your best ideas and most thoughtfully planned ambitions will fall short if those aspirations are pursued at the wrong time.

How many times do people eagerly and sincerely begin the pursuit of their dreams, with their efforts falling short because their timing was wrong?

No matter how inspired you are to pursue what you love, or how justified you are in following the unrelenting desires of your heart, your real impact will be determined by your timing.

You can make the right decision at the wrong time.

When the timing is wrong the wrong kind of momentum can ensue, creating something like a domino effect around you – even in places that, unbeknown to you, were unfolding in your favor.

When timing and opportunity align, choose. Move. Speak. Sit down. Stand up.

Until that time, keep moving, but don’t move out of step with your time.

And When the Appointed Time Came

I’m a practitioner of listening.

Today’s world is loud by design to consume you and invite you to, yourself, consume.

The truth is never loud. Some call it a soft, still and quiet voice. If you have conscience and spirit you are designed to look within.

By this looking within, I believe your voice emerges. Your purpose emerges. Your speech emerges. Something that comes forth has to come out. Something comes out when you go in.

It’s always time to speak and there is a time to speak.

Nothing harms you in quite the way secrets do: If you do not make the confession, you do not have the power.

Power, some say, is what shapes your identity. Power, perhaps, is what shapes your silence.

It is time to speak.

It is time to be quiet.

When your prompting comes, move. Until then, build.

When it is your time to speak, be quiet. It is not time for you to speak but to be spoken through.

When it is your time to emerge that means it is your time, simply, to be an opening.

Timing is not about the opportunity for you to shine but the opportunity for you to be shined through.

Listen. Speak. Be quiet. Be loud.