Dear Forever

Stay pushing forward.

It is hard. It is worth it. It is hard.

You maybe were made for it and it maybe was made for you.

Go where eternity is.

Go to what takes you to eternity.

Everyone else is going to try to get you to do something else. Why don’t you do this? Have you considered doing that? You need to do this. You should be doing that. Ignore them. Respectfully.

We listen to the wrong voices. We listen to voices that don’t know you or God’s plans. Listen to the right voices, they will come your way.

Keep going ahead. Don’t get entangled in what is not eternity. Relationships need to point to eternity. What you desire should. Stay the course.

You know where it’s taking you. They don’t. That’s okay. “They” is whatever doesn’t know the course.

On the way there, learn about joy. Discover what it is to have peace. You are going to learn more about God and yourself en route. Always be en route.

You’re not missing out. And there are some things you need to miss out on. Have a testimony. There’s a better life. You’re there and you’ll get there. Very soon.