How to stay fearless

Take care of your body with the resources you have available.

Even if it’s just how you think, how you heart.

There’s no such thing as mental illness and physical health.

Taking care of your body can be as simple as doing something good for somebody, washing your face, moving from one space to another, even opening your eyes.

Eating well can drastically upgrade your attitude. It gets you back on the right track for you to take the lead from there.

Although you’re more than a body you’re currently housed there so it’s a part of you.

Deliberately and actively nurture what’s a part of you

Return to genuineness. Just be genuine. The best way I can describe genuineness is heart check.

It’s your motives.

You can do amazing things that the world crowns you for and God can’t even get with because your heart wasn’t right. Just be real.

And be genuine to yourself.

I say start from your gut. I think starting from your gut is a way to guard yourself against self-comparison. It’s ok if you do it. Everyone compares, and I won’t try to get you to stop.

Reality is what’s left after you see things in terms of something else.

Sincerity is what casts out fear.