Rise Down

Take steps towards what you can’t understand
but don’t understand how to deny.

Perhaps your passion here will be your passion there and is forever your passion all the way into anywhere.

I don’t believe, in eternity, anything will surprise you.
You’ll recall the poem and finally write the words.

Act all the way out write all the way in. Utter so hard you become a temple
full of even deeper worlds you could never, alone, pronounce.

is how eternity at last opens in.

The new year is unfortunate, dated language.

You are living a life you were never meant to live so whose future
is waiting for you?

Is it time to start or to start over?

Is future waiting on you
or is it just waiting,
creating with you?

Don’t lower your thought life to the language of new years or new beginnings.

Just make braver choices.

Start muscular conversations.

Unbury a desire stronger than you.

Relinquish harmlessness, eat organic questions.

Always arrive, always audacious beginnings.

Disrobe your strangest story.

Unmask a sheltered place.

You owe it to yourself and your passion to press.

Meaning, what grows if not out of resistance.


Press is keep living your best life knowing your best life is just ahead. We press we effort.
Effort until it’s like you’re eroding everywhere.
Mark it, press it, conjure another road.

Press region, geography, site.
Design bold promises that happen yourself.

Don’t wait for momentum or the right time.

Press is the right time.

The right time to become is press.

The perfect time to chase after is press.

When it’s time to grow is press.

Everyday your mindset is renewed on the God of the future is the new year. Every time you adapt your mind to that future is the start of something new.

The world is always looking for reasons to start over. Another year. Another birthday. Another anniversary.

Just press.

Get upset. Cry. Find your water. Cry more. Stay mighty. Give in. Rise up. Get out. Be bold. Search until you discover mountains. Stay there. Quietly close a door. Wander until the mountains appear. Grow powerfully weak. Persist until you’re a puzzle. Jump through and rise down. Continuously occur towards.