Start From Your Stomach

I remember for years being discouraged at the turn of the new year because of everything I didn’t accomplish. Meaning I was upset at myself for not doing the things everybody else was happy they did. And then I’d feel artificial because I’d know my very point of reference was broken and I was opening myself to an artificial kind of disappointment.

I say this from a 100% unreligious stance: In going after my passion, pursuing growth, and fulfilling my immediate goals, having Jesus Christ of Nazareth as my frame of reference – the criteria by which I assess everything I am – is the only strategy for meaningful accomplishment I know. It’s the most honest way I can be with myself. It’s how I frame freedom as my guide.

I know this isn’t enough (or maybe even relevant) for some people.

But if it doesn’t start with our spirit, it’ll never start at all.

We’re always living something out.

Newness is lived out. New year, new day, new night, new heights, new beginnings are lived out.

Newness comes from newness. It springs from the environment of life. It is a consequence.

The new year is the new year insofar as you grow into it.
Newness is residence.

Newness is what you leave.

New year is the environment you will settle on today.
The environment of your mouth, of your mind, of your company, of your body.

Begin by moving inside the body
inside your body.