Waiting Towards & A Few Other Things For Your Passion

1. Tell yourself what accountability looks like. Make yourself accountable to that. What will keep your passion coming into fulfillment? Do that everyday. I lose sleep any day I’m not working out my passion in some way. It’s kind of like a day I haven’t lived with intention. The day happened, and I did nothing with it other than live in it.

2. Talk about your passion out loud. Interview yourself about it. Write down new ideas as they arrive. Be your own commentator. Push yourself into a corner then push yourself out.

3. I had a habit of doing things that seemed to make sense but I really had no business doing. It wasn’t the right work. Or it was the right work at the wrong time. (So it was the wrong work.) Timing makes a decision right or wrong, wise or naive, reasonable or reckless. If it’s not your time to do it, you won’t be effective.

4. Don’t rush to do everything that’s a “good idea.” There’s a tendency to pursue something we think is a good idea when, in fact, it’s nothing more than a good idea. Don’t pursue “something.” Pursue growth, tomorrow. Time is on your side when you are patient.

5. Patience isn’t stagnancy. It’s yielding. But even yielding moves. It’s not waiting around. It’s waiting towards.