Places of Remembrance

Be something else. Be simpler.

Be more immediate. Be more obvious. Be trendy.

Change your interests. Undermine the words you need to say. Desert your identity.

Oh, the number of times and times again I doubt myself and surrender my joy.

Have You Ever Been Afraid of Becoming?

For a time I was afraid of trusting that I needed to do the work I knew was on my heart to do. It’s not just that I didn’t believe in myself, but I was afraid to give myself the opportunity to really go after my work.

I was afraid of how I thought about the things that made me want to write.

I was scared of needing to write how I knew I needed to write.

And I was fearful of not really knowing where my writing was taking me.

Do You Still See What You First Saw?

I think about how, in Scripture, Jesus comforted his disciples through their own discouragement before he went to the cross.

He assured them the Holy Spirit would “bring all things to their remembrance” so they would have comfort and peace.

If you ever feel demoralized or discouraged in the pursuit of your God-given passion, go back to that place of remembrance.

Sometimes discouragement happens when you forget the reason you first began the journey.

If you ever feel doubtful or discouraged about pressing into the work of your passion:

Go back.

Put your eyes on what it was you first saw.

Follow that joy.