Words are just the beginning of creation.

A word is one of many tools at your disposal for building a poem.

You have way more freedom than you think.

Definitely it means this and absolutely it means that.

Almost any moment is a door.

It’s perfectly fine to want a map to navigate the difficult, exciting and crazy world of poetry, and perfectly normal to, without warning, find yourself on unmapped lands.

Can you embrace poetry as literary art without compromising who you are or abandoning who you want to be? Yes.

Form is a prerequisite for freedom.

Discovery is what happens when you receive and resist, receive and resist.

Love is Exercise

Love won’t leave you as it found you.

Love, like any exercise, doesn’t affirm as much as it transforms.

Creativity, of all things – and certainly poetry – aren’t void of that call for you, the entrusted author, to stretch, expand, bend, sweat and throb so that you might gain – or lose – a little more.

You can take it or leave it. That’s experience.

Will you reach? That’s responsibility.