It started with the inside.

Don’t try to fit in.

I am telling you – Don’t.

What do I mean by fit in? It starts with the way you think. I’m not talking about that surface level stuff with your behavior or your personality or your unique identity or comfort level.

I mean, don’t fit in with your frame of thought.

You have to think different to be different.

And when I say don’t fit in, I’m not saying deliberately don’t fit in. I’m saying be deliberate in everything you say, do, and think. Be purposeful.

I’ve never done anything just because I should do it, and I knew this would result in people talking about me. But I had to go with the peace.

I had to go where I knew I needed to go. And it wasn’t being just a face. It was being a complete being. It started with the inside. I liked hanging around people who didn’t fit in because I loved not wasting my time on being part of a clique, affirming the world instead of fulfilling what was genuine to me. I am thankful for that.

It’s not your role to fit in if you are not really like that. Don’t be like that. A life with purpose is you growing more comfortable with yourself everyday. So grow comfortable with growing, make yourself comfortable with the future.

Don’t let anyone try to sway you to go the easy way. Take the hard route. Take the unpopular route.

It’s the only way you can do anything meaningful. Self-fulfillment really begins with you being yourself. Not in the way the world says, but by taking a stand against the world.