Language is the gulf.

Life is made of language, so in this way life is language. Name one thing that’s something else. Name one way it is that without a system. Say who you are without construction. Take the context out of somewhere and go find it.

This post. You thinking about it. You thinking about yourself. You thinking about another person. You thinking. You talking. You reading. Thinking about time and the future. Getting in your car. Going home. Hunger. We’re language.

You know yourself through language meaning you may not know yourself.

Language is the gulf. It divides. Language either assists, or is, oppression. It’s power, which means we don’t even know where it came from, we just make it happen.

That you even flock to an identity is, to me, an operation of power. That’s subjugation. The pursuit to be everything but what you are is what you need to be freed from.

Language is what gets people living far beneath what they’re capable of. It’s why people dream. It’s why there’s some day, we’ll see, what if.

Just like with universe travel, we can begin to imagine, begin to see something else, perhaps something more, once when we find the holes. Once we find a passage.

Somehow, find yourself.

I like reading because I like resisting. Words are just the gates, the bricks, the walls, the barriers. Words make me curious about what’s on the other side.

It’s similar to wondering what’s on the other side of the universe. There has to be the other side. Words, somewhere, have to appear.

It’s because of language we have a hard time envisioning anything. Can’t imagine. We’re dreaming. Eternity is above our utterance. It doesn’t even mean what it means. That’s probably what it means. Eternity: what is above our utterance.

We have a hard time fathoming and call it foreign.

We call. (Now we are possible.)

We call it. (Now we are power.)

Foreign is a catch-all for some day.

It’s what power can’t be bothered with.

Words at their most wonderful reveal wormholes, passages, ways. To go somewhere you have to stay between them, risking one opening for another.