Perhaps it was curiosity about Jesus.

You don’t need to find your passion. You have it. You just need to be sensitive to your life.

My walk in Jesus had a lot to do with me knowing my passion, because it’s all rooted in him.

When I first started writing, much of my material was song and reflections on the gospel. That’s where I started, though I also wrote reflective, “philosophical” things in childhood I’d share with my mom and grandparents.

But gospel-inspired writing felt like the most natural, immediate knowledge I had.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in “the church.”

Perhaps it was curiosity about Jesus.

It could have been praise.

I knew I wanted to write, create, do art.

But when I began life in Jesus, I knew I needed to.

It was all the difference between having something, and having to do it.

I think it’s a lost cause searching for anything outside of Jesus. I really do. I don’t know what it leads to if Jesus isn’t at the center of it. And I’m not confident to go anywhere outside of Jesus. I’m not interested in seeing where that leads – or if it actually goes anywhere at all.

But what I do know is, if it’s anywhere worth going, it’s greater than you