Perhaps that’s why my first love was words.

It needs to be said.

It’s that you could be lying a foundation.

Continue on that route.

Whatever convicts you won’t leave you.
Do it.
It will cultivate somebody in the communities you serve.
If you walk in Jesus, it will reach people in the Body of Christ or outside of it.
You don’t know how it will be used. That’s the faith part of it.
You might not even see its fruit fully. Keep doing it.

Whatever you are writing or want to risk or explore or innovate – protect it. Ask God for wisdom on how to pursue it.

For me, the biggest issue was accepting that my work is not for everyone. That took a while to accept and can be a lonely place to be.

But it’s for who will receive it, hear it. That’s who it’s for.

The faith part is continuing to do it.